Embassy National Bank presents On the Money, hosted by Joe Moss, President of Embassy National Bank.
On the Money will focus on topics and issues allowing small businesses to better navigate the financial services minefield, with analysis and opinions from today’s industry experts on banking and loans. On the Money will also introduce you to some of the top small business leaders in the Atlanta market.
On the Money airs live every Wednesday at 3:00 PM EST from the Business RadioX® studio in Gwinnett.

Our Featured Shows

What are the pros and cons of owning a business  franchise? Alternative Career Coach Steve Miller joins host Joe Moss to talk about business franchises and some of the misconceptions about franchises on this episode of “On the Money“. Steve Miller/The Entrepreneur’s Source Steve Miller of The Entrepreneur’s Source is a franchise coach to individuals … [more]

On this episode of “On the Money”, host Joe Moss talks with Bruce Goode about the most effective ways to be a Leader and how Leadership plays an important roll in small businesses. Bruce Goode/Pathway Stones Partnership For over 30 years, Bruce Goode has worked in executive leadership, alongside other senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies, … [more]

On this episode of “On the Money”, Alfredo Ortiz and Elaine Lutz from the Job Creators Network explain to host Joe Moss, the best ways to Bring Small Businesses Back! Alfredo Ortiz and Elaine Lutz/Job Creators Network Job Creators Network is a nonpartisan organization founded by entrepreneurs like Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus who believe the … [more]

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