Embassy National Bank presents On the Money, hosted by Joe Moss, President of Embassy National Bank.
On the Money will focus on topics and issues allowing small businesses to better navigate the financial services minefield, with analysis and opinions from today’s industry experts on banking and loans. On the Money will also introduce you to some of the top small business leaders in the Atlanta market.
On the Money airs live every Wednesday at 3:00 PM EST from the Business RadioX® studio in Gwinnett.

Our Featured Shows

On this episode of “On the Money“, human resource leader and consultant Dorris Hollingsworth discuss the best ways to get the most out of your business “team”. Dorris Hollingsworth/Evergreen HR Evergreen HR is a human resources and business consulting firm that focuses on helping small businesses become better at acquiring and developing talent. They use … [more]

Paul Friederichsen/The Blake Project The Blake Project is a strategic brand consultancy with extensive experience helping brands gain an advantage in the mind of the customer. With proven proprietary tools and techniques, they help brands break through complex marketing challenges, moving them from brand awareness to brand insistence – where there are no substitutes. —————————————————— … [more]

Joe Moss and Brian Gracon (with a little help from Snow White) discuss how to make sure that training delivers impact for your business. Of course you already know Snow White. Coincidentally, the names of the 7 dwarves serve as reminders of the “7 R’s of Effective Training”. Brian explains how Happy, Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, … [more]

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